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Photo Journal: Thorne And Anchor

20th May 2016

If you’re like me, the idea of waking up to discover you’re able to whittle the most beautiful kitchen utensils out of wood, with your own two hands, is somewhat laughable.

Combine this with the thought of living in a wooden hut by one of the best hidden beaches on the Island and you’ve got a heart attack on your hands…

Unlike me, for Tom Fallick, founder of Thorne and Anchor, a gorgeous hand-made wood carving business specialising in fairly-traded, eco-friendly wooden products right here on the Isle of Wight, this was reality.

After getting married, Tom and his wife Hollie found themselves living in a wooden hut by the beach over in the beautiful Thorness Bay. Whilst adapting to their new fairly ‘back to basics’ lifestyle, Tom was inspired to pick up a piece of wood from the nearby beach and start whittling.

Only just over a year later and he and his wife have sold their wares at Bestival alongside their gluten free, vegetarian and vegan food stall, launched a t-shirt line and most importantly, produced some of the most gorgeous hand-carved products made from largely reclaimed wood right here on the Island.

I was lucky enough to be able to meet with Tom and his adorable family, Hollie and little Barney in their beach hut where they kindly let me spend the morning shooting him at work. I’m always amazed at how much talent there is trapped on this tiny little Island and Tom’s skill and attention to detail in all areas of his business is totally inspiring.

These are just a few shots from the day, I hope you like them!

p.s If there are any Island makers or creatives that are reading this and would like a shoot, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

M x

thorneandanchor-untitled-IMG_0767thorneandanchor-untitled-IMG_0439 thorne-and-anchor-maria-bell-photography-7
thorne-and-anchor-maria-bell-photography-5    thorneandanchor-untitled-IMG_0663

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