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Photo Series: Old Gaffers Isle of Wight


There’s something about living on the Island and experiencing all of the various sailing festivals and beautiful scenery that makes up for the soaring unemployment and casual bigotry.

Turns out after not living on the Isle of Wight for years I’d failed to realise that Old Gaffers Festival in Yarmouth is now on only every two years and so dragged my boyfriend there (who’d never been) to experience the whole thing only to find out it wasn’t on…It went down well.

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Raw Courgette Salad with Pesto, Feta and Toasted Pine nuts


I think I’m going to blame my lack of interest in cooking summer foods on the fact we’ve not had a real summer yet.

How can you get excited about coming up with fresh seasonal recipes when the season has essentially sucked?? Or it’s been and gone? Either way, for the last couple of weeks I’ve been in a major recipe rut so this raw courgette salad was exactly what I needed to get back on track.

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Photo Series: Thorne And Anchor


If you’re like me, the idea of waking up to discover you’re able to whittle the most beautiful kitchen utensils out of wood, with your own two hands, is somewhat laughable.

Combine this with the thought of living in a wooden hut by one of the best hidden beaches on the Island and you’ve got a heart attack on your hands…

Unlike me, for Tom Fallick, founder of Thorne and Anchor, a gorgeous hand-made wood carving business specialising in fairly-traded, eco-friendly wooden products right here on the Isle of Wight, this was reality.

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