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Leek And Mushroom Baked Eggs

Leek & Mushroom baked eggs

I wake up most mornings already hungry. It’s something my boyfriend finds *slightly* frustrating- he’s more of a coffee before you walk kinda guy, where I’m a feed me before I murder you kinda gal – but about a minute after I start to stir, I’m instantly thinking of what to cook to start the day off the right way…and fast. I’ve already had several hours without food, there’s no need to delay it any further.

That’s why these early morning eggs are a brilliant breakfast recipe. They’re quick, they’re something a little different AND you’re already managing to have vegetables for breakfast, which has got to be a great thing.

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Photo Journal: Shooting The Seasons At Lassco


Over the summer I was lucky enough to be asked to come on board and photograph The Seasons At Lassco, an amazing four part seasonal series of dinners and workshops celebrating the British seasons under the arches at Maltby Street’s Lassco Ropewalk.

If you want to know more about it, I’ve gushed about it for the incredible new slow living lifestyle magazine Absintheminded Magazine founded by Peter Boman, photographer for My Tiny Atlas among others and his wife, Fiona, but the reason why I’m posting my shots on here, now (about three months too late…) is because the autumn event is around the corner and if you can, you NEED to go. Here’s just a little look at what you can expect…

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