How Caprera Is Helping To Change The Way We Connect To Local Produce

2nd June 2015

It’s not often that a new business speaks to you on every level but with Caprera, a new online marketplace championing the artisan producer, I found a real connection.

Coming from the Isle of Wight, food sustainability, quality and buying local are things that have been in my consciousness for years and something that I’m working hard to promote but it’s no secret that there’s a big detachment between small producers and your average consumer.

While social media might have you assume that everyone is drinking artisan coffee and buying sourdough from their local bakery every Sunday morning dressed head to toe in fair-trade, the reality still is that the majority of our spend takes place in the supermarket or from online megastores favouring cheap and easy over fair and artisan. I’m not naive or arrogant enough to start telling people how they should shop but finding a way to open up the path between the public and small UK producers in a fair and reasonable way can only be a good thing, right?

That’s why when Caprera got in touch with me about doing just that, I wanted to know as much as possible.

“What we are trying to do is act as a champion for the artisan producers. We believe that people should have a better choice when it comes to food.” says Caprera’s co-founder and CEO, Jeremy Hibbert-Garibaldi.

They’ve sourced the very best producers and put them in one online marketplace. With one click you can order from multiple brands you won’t find in a supermarket with a ‘single delivery’ right to your doorstep.

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Not only that but Jeremey explains that “at Caprera, we take traceability one step further. We don’t stop at simply stating where the product has come from, but actually showing customers the people and the process behind the product,” with in-depth biographies, exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes videos so you can really see the faces behind your food. Can you see why I love this brand so much yet?!

They were kind enough to send me through some products (this is not a sponsored post) to see if what they were saying matched up with their products. I have to say that it did.

I was given a Nix & Kicks Cucumber & fresh mint drink which I drank down with some Isle of Wight Mermaids Gin because what else to you use cucumber for if not garnishing gin?

There was also some Temptation gluten free 74% Dark Chocolate with added hemp seeds, which seeing as I don’t particularly enjoy chocolate, I generously gave to my mum who is a much better judge than I am and she loved.

Arnold’s Real Tomato Ketchup which I smothered on sweet potato chips and loved every minute of it. Then some Farmhouse Raspberry Jam which went down pretty nicely spread on some Cantina Ventnor pumpkin seed rye.

There are also things like Gosnell’s London Mead, Elderflower Garden Cider, cured meats from the Dorset Charcuterie company and Afghan Spice Potted Beef from the Hungry Chef. As you can expect, they don’t come at bargain bin prices but I’d say everything there is priced reasonably and is a complete step in the right direction. 


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