Greek Yoghurt, Hot Blueberries & Nuts For Breakfast

3rd November 2015


Eating fruit and yoghurt outside in the sun has to be one of the highlights of summer (apart from sumer working hours, everyone looking around 80% more attractive and it being acceptable to drink during the day) but I wanted a way to transfer all of this into something hearty for winter. Hot blueberries, yoghurt and almonds for breakfast is the way to do just that.

The idea behind this came from the fact that actually, I’m not a major fan of blueberries on their own. Yes I know they’re amazingly good for us but there’s something about the taste and texture that just doesn’t totally sit right with me. So most of the time, I want to alter them ever so slightly to fit to my needs. This time I thought the best way was to warm them up a bit and make them extra sweet and juicy…without adding sugar.


So all I did was add around a handful of blueberries to a pan, pour over some water and slowly reduce them on a medium heat (with the pan lid off) until they’d softened, taking care to stir so the contents of the pan didn’t burn.

After that I just poured them onto to Greek Yoghurt, added some crushed almonds, honey and some pomegranate seeds and ate my way to happiness.


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