Basil, Cucumber And Lime Gin Cocktail

11th October 2015

Seeing as I haven’t written on here for a while (what an understatement) I thought that I’d make an entrance and that entrance is drenched in gin.

Around a year ago I had the pleasure of shooting a variety of cocktails with Beef Eater Gin and their Global Brand Embassador, Sebastian Hamilton-Mudge. Needless to say myself and my boss found ourselves wandering around the Beef Eater distillery, (which is still only managed by three old London boys to this day FYI), wide-eyed and pepped up on the intricacies of distillation. That might have had something to do with the velocity of gin we’d just consumed but hey…


From that experience I learnt SO much but one of the best things I picked up was this: the green lady cocktail. Within that year I’ve drunk and served this drink (yes, I don’t always drink alone) and it’s always, ALWAYS proved a total hit so I thought I would share it now because it’s just the god damn best drink you will consume. Plus, it’s pretty heavily green – so, you’re practically drinking your week’s worth of alcohol and nutrients in one sitting, and there’s nothing I like better than efficiency.



  • 1 whole cucumber
  • 4 limes
  • handful of basil leaves
  • 65ml sugar syrup
  • 12 ice cubes
  • sea salt & black pepper

Makes 4

Cut up the cucumber and add it to the blender along with the juice of 4 limes, the sugar syrup and basil leaves. Add ice and blend on a low speed until they start to form as one then blitz on a high speed until smooth. Pour the contents into a bowl and sieve twice, and then taste and adjust if required.

Rim the rim of your glass with salt and pepper, add your gin and then DONE.

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