My name’s Maria and for as long as I remember, I’ve been ALL about the food. I spend an unhealthy amount of thought and time on cooking, photographing and eating food (mostly eating, because obviously) but until now I’ve always been a bit nervous about committing to a full-time food/photography blog. Mainly because until a year or two ago I was the absolute WORST cook. I got stressed, I burnt things, I was awful.

So instead, I pretty much spent all of my energy (and money) on eating out because the idea of cooking vegetable cous cous or scrambled eggs for the fifth time that week when there was the whole of London for me to stuff my face with, just seem like the definition of insanity. (I also freaking loved every minute of it.) But now that I am freelancing and have moved back home to the beautiful Isle of Wight I’ve decided to turn my love of eating, writing and photography into this blog.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that if I can do it, you seriously can. I’m hoping that through these recipes I can prove that no matter how daunting cooking is, you really can create delicious meals if you put your mind to it.

There’s only two rules I have about food:

1. I believe food doesn’t have to be overly complicated to taste great.
2. I don’t believe anything you eat should make you feel guilty. Ever.

With two things in mind every recipe on this blog will concentrate on good locally produced (hey the Isle of Wight has producers like these how can I not) and ingredients and an attitude that says ENJOY YOURSELF. Thanks for stopping by!

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